Ongoing Tax Consulting

Our experts assist the Clients in scope of historical, current and future tax issues connected with their business and investments.

We provide support in all kinds of taxes and public law liabilities, in particular in the scope of CIT, PIT, VAT, property tax and international taxes.

We advise our Clients, amongst other things, in the following areas:

  • an increase in tax remuneration effectiveness,
  • reduction in tax loss connected with marketing and promotional activity (including representation),
  • creation of tax capital groups and the use of these structures to minimize payables in CIT tax,
  • protection and limitation of tax risk connected with thin capitalization,
  • minimizing property tax in view of the position and degree of their usefulness for business activity,
  • optimization of international chain transactions from the perspective of Value Added Tax (VAT),
  • correct amount of input tax adjustment related to changing the purpose of using tangible and intangible assets,
  • tax analyses for VAT within the scope of planned transactions in order to limit the risk and determine the possibilities of tax savings,
  • an increase in the efficiency of settling input VAT on current and investment purchases;
  • bad debts within CIT, PIT and VAT tax,
  • drawing up tax interpretations directed to the Ministry of Finance aimed at securing our Clients` businesses, and many other activities dependent on ongoing and future needs of our Clients.
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