Corporate Accounting

Reliable and comprehensive financial information is the foundation for effective business.

DMS TAX Financial Services Department supports the Clients in the ongoing management of economic activity in the area of finance and accounting. In everyday work we connect the knowledge of accountants, tax planners, cooperating legal counsels and expert auditors in order to use optimally our potential for achieving the highest quality of the service provided.

Experience, excellent knowledge of valid regulations and international guidelines constitute towards guaranteeing safety and correctness of the presented financial data.

Why is it worth it?

Cooperation with DMS TAX as regards to finance and accounting means extensiveness of financial and accounting services. It is connected with an unlimited access to specialist knowledge in the field of accounting, taxes and finance, and provides guaranteed safety and precision in order to meet the client’s needs.

Thanks to a wide range of feedback and extensiveness of our services we provide a full picture of the financial situation of their business and can implement ideal solutions adjusted to the needs and expectations of our Clients.

In order to meet the Clients` expectations we apply the rule of constant improvement of work effectiveness, which is aimed at to raising the quality of services provided. In order to achieve the best results we standardized the internal and external processes, based on solutions implemented by us, and it proved to be successful in the functioning of numerous companies.

In particular, in order to achieve the most current picture of the Client`s situation, we make efforts to obtain their documents and information in a constant manner, which results in updating financial information the following day after we receive accounting documents.

In caring about the high level of provided services, we have implemented a system of constant development and raising the qualifications of employees in key areas of tasks performed by them. Moreover, in order to be certain about the correct reflection of economic events in the Client`s account books, we implemented internal and external control procedures.

We use ERP Enova integrated software and compatible applications, that support greater flexibility of implemented solutions and the effective realization of tasks.

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