Business Process Outsourcing of Finance & Accounting

Carrying out Business Process Outsourcing service in an area of finance and accountancy DMS TAX supports the developed business organisations by helping them to achieve a high level of effectiveness by comprehensively building an effective financial area.

As a part of BPO solution DMS TAX Financial Services Department takes over and standardizes the whole financial and accounting process, it carries out all its tasks, defines the direction of optimization and indicates new possibilities for development. It establishes an external accounting department responsible for all activities carried out and connected with accountancy.

Years of experience enabled us to understand the needs of financial entities, their problems and the challenges they are facing. In the execution of the process we always use acquired knowledge and proven solutions. Providing a top level service we help with the economic activity of our Clients.

What are the benefits for the Client?

Direct cooperation of DMS TAX Financial Services Department with the management and decision-making persons enables the on-going optimization of processes in progress and taking financial decisions. In result BPO service enables:

  • full control and financial transparency
  • increase of income and achievable profit
  • reduction of operational costs.
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