Accountancy Outsourcing

Entrusting an external partner with the accounting tasks, thanks to cost reduction, minimizing of operational risk and the guarantee of continuity in the execution of tasks in the financial area, enables the effectiveness of our Clients’ business to increase.

As a part of accountancy outsourcing services we guarantee effectiveness, as well as accounting and tax safety. We use proven solutions, which successfully improve the processes taking place in our Clients` activities, we make sure that the solutions are adjusted to individual business requirements.

By carrying out duties in the financial area, our specialists put maximum effort in to making sure that their activities are based on knowledge and experience and constitute a value that facilities the functioning of our Clients` companies.

Scope of services

  1. Financial accounting

Financial accountancy services are directed to securing formal and legal obligations arising from the current regulations or international guidelines.

Our purpose is in maximizing the quantity and quality of information coming from ERP enova system and financial reports, maintaining standardized internal and external circulation processes and settlement of accounting documents.

  1. Management Accounting

Management accounting services reflect managerial ways of data analysis coming from ERP enova system and accompanying applications in connection with Client`s internal data not resulting from the account ledgers.

The proposed controlling models present economic events in a multidimensional representation already at the stage of entering the accounting documents to ERP enova system.

Controlling data analysis allows to draw managerial conclusions as expected by the Client regardless of the limitations resulting from financial, grant or tax accountancy.

  1. Grant Accounting

Grant accounting services are connected with securing the duties imposed by regulations and the European Union guidelines in scope of settling received grants or subventions from the EU budget in the accounting ledgers.

Additionally, for the needs of performance control or accounting of the funds received by the Client we prepare data, financial statements and indispensable documents required by the authorized institution.

  1. Internal and External Control

Internal and external control services are connected with securing the property and financial state of a Clients` business in relation to the performed processes (undertaken actions or activities).

Entrusting us with inspection tasks our Clients gain process effectiveness and continuity of its implementation. Precision and scrupulosity of our specialists enables the detection of all irregularities, their correction and prevention of disadvantageous consequences.

  1. Tax Accounting

Tax accounting services are directed to secure the duties imposed by domestic, EU and international regulations of tax law, as well as intra-community or international guidelines.

The accomplishment of our tasks is facilitated by the implemented tax policy and particular ways of presenting economic events in ERP enova system, aimed at detection and correct reflection of these events in the Client`s accounting ledgers.

Making use of our services the Clients can be sure that tax settlements are carried out correctly, by specialists, who monitor the changes on an ongoing basis and act in accordance with the current legal situation.

  1. Statutory Reporting

Statutory reporting services are focused on securing the reporting duties imposed by regulations in the following areas:

  • public statistics (GUS)
  • international foreign exchange transaction (NBP)
  • union statistic for commodity transaction (INTRASTAT) or
  • public charges related to National Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PFRON).
  1. Administration and IT

Administration and IT services are directed to securing and improving the circulation process and settlement of accounting documents, agreements, mail and other information and materials, in order to effectively transfer the information between the Client and DMS TAX, or the Client and their contracting parties.

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