Corporate Secretary

By providing a corporate secretary service we support our Clients in fulfilling their everyday duties connected with administration and reporting.

Corporate secretary is a comprehensive set of services facilitating the functioning of the company. Acting on the basis of guidelines received from the Client we exercise due diligence carrying out the entrusted tasks, looking after their correctness and compliance with the regulations.

Why is it worth it?

Entrusting us with administrative activities our Clients can fully focus on the accomplishment of business activities. They save not only time but also money by reducing monthly expenses related to running the secretariat and replacing fixed administrative costs with variable costs.

The scope of secretarial service

As part of the corporate secretary service we support our Clients in the following administrative activities:

  • Keeping a share register and book of resolutions;
  • Sending and receiving the correspondence by mail, fax and e-mail;
  • Making the conference room available;
  • Document Xeroxing, faxing and printing services;
  • Operating the company`s mail box;
  • Organizing translation of documents;
  • Organizing occupational health and safety and fire protection trainings.

Services related to special services:

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