Our experts help Clients in a range of historical, ongoing and future issues connected with the transactions realized between related subjects from the domestic and international perspective.

Scope of consulting

In relation to transfer pricing we advise Clients, amongst other things in the following:

  • optimal forms of documenting conducted transactions,
  • tax security of the transaction results in the range of services or intangible assets,
  • functional analysis of the parties to the transaction (including performed functions, used assets and incurred risks),
  • analysis of advantages connected with the use of services being the subject of transfer,
  • optimal choice of income evaluation method between related entities or possessing tax residence in the so called tax heaven,
  • economic and financial measures used in the range of the selected method,
  • cost calculation between transaction parties,
  • interpretation of the tax law regulations, OECD and EU guidelines,
  • agreements on avoiding double taxation, and their influence on transactions with related subjects,

and many other activities reliant on the ongoing and future needs of our Clients.

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