Corporate Law

Running a business in accordance with current regulations is a necessity. We help to find a proper way through the maze of legal solutions and apply the best of them.

We provide comprehensive advisory services in scope with legal solutions which have an impact on the activity of enterprises. We assist in working out the best possible concepts using the means available and stipulated in the regulations of the law.

Legal consulting services are conducted by DMS TAX specialists and legal advisers and lawyers cooperating with our company.

Company Law

Our experts advise our Clients in historical, current and future legal issues related to the functioning of capital companies and partnerships (from their creation, through to ongoing and comprehensive legal handling to their restructuring or termination of legal existence).

Scope of services

We help our Clients, amongst other things, in the following:

  • legal consulting pertaining to an ongoing activity of companies,
  • working out draft company deeds (deeds of company foundation) of capital companies and partnerships,
  • Client`s representation in front of a public notary or assistance during the appointment at the public notary during the establishment of a company,
  • registering companies with National Court Register,
  • registering companies with the Tax Office, Central Statistical Office, the National Labour Inspectorate, Social Insurance Company and many others,
  • creating branches and representative offices of foreign companies,
  • working out the draft resolutions of the management board, supervisory board or general meeting of the shareholders and representing partners at the general meetings of the shareholders,
  • legal consulting which ranges from dissolution and liquidation of entities,

and many other activities reliant on the ongoing and future needs of our Clients.

Contract Law

Our experts help Clients in a range of historical, ongoing and future issues connected with concluding, terminating and executing civil law contracts, both, in domestic and international turnover (with particular consideration of civil law contracts concluded as a part of capital groups).

Scope of services

Scope of services

We advise the Clients, amongst other things, in the following:

  • preparation, negotiation and expressing opinions of the civil law nominate and innominate contracts,
  • preparation and execution of the debt collection process towards debtors,
  • preparation of comprehensive solutions connected with the marketing of general terms of sale or providing services,
  • preparation, update and negotiation of civil law contracts ranging from the transfer of products, goods, materials, services and other intangible and tangible assets between related entities – within capital groups),
  • legal risk assessments connected with projects and binding contracts between our Clients and their contracting parties,

and many other activities reliant on the ongoing and future needs of our Clients.

Labour Law

Our experts help Clients in the range of historical, ongoing and future issues connected with employing and dismissing employees, social activity of the employer as well as obligatory insurance (social and health).

Scope of services

We assist our Clients, amongst other things, in the following:

  • drawing up employment contracts and information about basic conditions of employment with the employer,
  • preparation of documents which terminate employment relationships (mutual consent of the parties, standard notices and resignations, disciplinary and other ones),
  • preparation and update of the employer`s internal documents (work rules and remuneration rules, internal regulations and many others),
  • legally optimal form of remuneration for management board members, managers, specialists (e.g. programmers) and other employees,
  • financial liability and disciplinary responsibility of the employees,
  • work time (including holiday leave) of the management personnel and other employees,
  • company`s social benefits fund,
  • legal and tax situation of foreigners employed in Poland,
  • social insurance, pension/retirement and health insurance,

and many other activities reliant on the ongoing and future needs of our Clients.

Bankruptcy and Reorganization Law

Our experts help the Clients in the range of declaring bankruptcy or recovery proceedings, including the evaluation of property and financial situations, and filing a bankruptcy petition with the monitoring of bankruptcy trials carried out by Commercial Court of Law.

Scope of services

We assist our Clients in the following:

  • legal evaluation of preconditions for declaring arrangement or liquidation bankruptcy as well as the possibility of the commencement of restructuring proceedings,
  • preparing bankruptcy petitions on a creditor`s or debtor`s (bankrupt) side,
  • preparing a declaration on opening restructuring proceedings on debtor`s side threatened by insolvency,
  • evaluation of legal effects of actions taken by compulsory administrators, court supervisors or the official receiver,
  • preparing applications to make an entry in the list of debts,
  • preparing official letters, complaints and applications during bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings,

and many other activities reliant on the ongoing and future needs of our Clients.

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