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Tax Optimization

We help our Clients in scope of tax optimization, by which we understand to mean balancing the risk and taking the best possible advantages resulting from tax variants binding in Poland, the EU member states and the third countries.

Tax optimization means such a choice of actions and taxation methods, which are in conformity with the binding law, but at the same time enable the achievement of different effects in terms of tax. The essence of optimization is the skill of comprehensively combining the solutions for individual taxes together with the regulation of civil law relations and financial settlements of our Clients with their contracting parties.

Consulting services in the area of tax optimization are of a projective character and pertain to planned future events, yet, in particular cases may refer to past states (at least in the scope of minimizing tax risks).

Our experts advise to Clients, amongst other things, range from the following:

and many other activities reliant on the ongoing and future needs of our Clients.

In order to get familiarized with our full offer, we encourage you to contact our consultants.

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