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Tax Consultancy

Tax safety and a rational level of tax levies are an important element of effective business. That is why we support our Clients at every stage of project consultancy, and aim to show the right way in an often unintelligible and unpredictable legal and tax environment.

DMS TAX Tax Consultancy Department provides comprehensive consulting services within the scope of domestic and international taxes. Our consultants help Clients to work out solutions aimed at minimizing tax levies and risk, as well as maximizing safety and financial benefits. It is possible thanks to the finest of structures within the organization as well as the appropriate legal and tax qualifications.

Ongoing consulting services offered by DMS TAX include keeping up to date with future events as well as supporting tax proceedings undertaken or the preparation of and safeguarding of a Client against such a situation.

Advantages of Tax Consultancy Outsourcing

Our experience shows that issues related to tax in companies are frequently solved only in economic departments without the cooperation of such areas as law, investment, production, marketing or sales.

Yet, omitting some information can have a crucial meaning for solutions arrived at. Only by capturing the whole issues of business i can business activity be managed rationally and safely.

A comprehensive approach by our team to project consultancy results in the following:

  taking business issues into consideration when dealing with legal and tax effects and vital product, sales and legal issues

  avoiding mistakes and traps resulting from the quality of binding legal regulations by making use of years of experience in cooperation with tax authorities

  reducing time engagement of the Client in long-term disputes as well as tax and court proceedings

  commissioning of tax issues to a responsible entity regulated directly by the law using experience acquired in cooperation with numerous companies from various industries

Our specialists provide services in the following areas:

We keep our fingers on the pulse
We keep you thoroughly informed about changes in tax law.

Our consultants present the interpretations of current regulations, cite significant judgements, and give some tips in the published press review Tax24 bulletin and TaxPress. They prepare tax alerts in relation to issues that clearly influence the tax-payers. We encourage you to use their knowledge and experience.

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