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Due Diligence

In the course of business many companies are subject to restructuring, merging or division into different economic entities. To make these changes possible it is essential to carry out detailed data and documents analysis, as well as the processes taking place in the company, in order to define the specified functions, assets and liabilities structure, and financial, commercial, market or tax risks.

Due diligence analysis constitutes an answer for the questions in the scope of legal, tax and financial obligations of the company subject to changes, with special attention paid to the statute of limitations period of tax and legal obligations, as well as previous administrative and financial inspections. Due diligence analyses are carried out in the following areas of economic activity of the company: law, taxes, finance, HR, IT and many others.

We carry out the projects in the range of due diligence in appointed interdisciplinary teams focused on specified economic events that have the biggest influence on financial results or legal and tax safety of the companies.

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