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What do we offer within accountancy outsourcing?

Accountancy outsourcing consists of entrusting an external partner with accounting tasks. Thanks to cost reduction, minimizing operational risks and guaranteeing the continuity of task accomplishment in the financial area permits an increase in the effectiveness of our Clients’ business.

We worked out the outsourcing offer on the basis of experience gained so-far as an answer to the present needs of many companies. It is formed by complementary services providing complex handling of accountancy and finance.

We provide

Financial report included in the standard service price!

Flexibility of selection of additional services;

Payments adjusted to the current needs and financial potential;

Payment only for services actually performed.

Accountancy Outsourcing Offer

Standard service
Within the standard offer we provide current bookkeeping services accomplishing statutory duties of the company. The service includes the handling of everyday bookkeeping activities and additional supportive solutions. See >>

Additional services
Depending on the Client`s needs and expectations, within outsourcing we provide additional bookkeeping services. We care for flexible adjustment of the offer and current financial conditions and developmental potential of the company. See >>

Individual services
Within outsourcing we offer services and solutions adjusted to the current needs of the company and the requirements of individual business projects. See >>


In order to get the detailed information concerning the service feel free to contact us.

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