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Dawid Michalak Ph.D.

Partner and co-founder of DMS TAX Sp. z o.o., running Financial Services Department and Transfer Pricing Department. Since 2008 he has been an active lecturer at Wroclaw University of Economics, an author of practical training on transfer pricing and accountancy.

Dawid Michalak is a graduate of Law, Administration and Economics Faculty of Wroclaw University. He holds the title of tax advisor, and was awarded Ph.D. in economics at the Institute of Accountancy at the Faculty of Management, IT and Finance at Wroclaw University of Economics, defending his dissertation titled “Transfer Pricing Risk Management”.

He has long-standing, practical experience in international projects and consulting services, provided to capital groups in the scope of accountancy and transfer pricing.

He cooperated with e.g. Cadbury Wedel Group, Ruukki Polska sp. z o.o., Schteinhoff Polska Group, Zetkama SA, Sygnity SA Group, Lumel SA, Greif Inc., Astaro AG, ZOTT Polska Sp. z o.o., Valmet Automotive Sp. z o.o.

Areas of substantive interests

Key projects

Education and training activity

Since 2008, he has been an active lecturer at Wroclaw University of Economics. He gives lectures on transfer pricing from an economical, legal & tax, taxes (especially in the scope of tax optimization), controlling, financial analysis, outsourcing, and change management in an organisation perspective. He is an author of practical training with concern for the procedure of preparing transfer pricing documentation and individual tax categories, creator of the specialist web portal

Qualifications and skills

After hours

In a private life he has a passion for motor vehicles, and popular-science programmes. He likes reading literature not only in the field of economics but also psychology, sociology and IT. In his leisure time he is particularly fond of mountain trips and family walks in nearby parks and woods.

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